Our team at Appsphere Group has many years of experience working with the retail and shopping center industries. This valuable industry knowledge allows us to create market leading mobile applications for the retail sector.

Our products include:
  • Shopping Center Mobile Applications allowing users to browse shops, navigate around shopping centers, set parking reminders, view special offers and easily access general center information, to name just a few
  • Retailer Mobile Application includes features such as store finder, personal shopper, push notifications, special offers and mobile coupons
  • Online & mobile shopping


Appsphere Group has worked with some of Thailand's most reputable international schools, universities and education publishers, developing their e-learning platforms.

Our education platforms include:
  • e-Prospectuses
  • Interactive educational textbooks
  • E-Quizzes
  • Administration systems


Appsphere Group holds extensive experience in creating mobile applications for the exhibition industry. Our team has created iPad applications for both exhibition organizers and exhibition venues.

Our exhibition portfolio includes:
  • iPad Apps for exhibition venues including features such as event calendars, parking reminders, venue information, F&B outlet finders and local area guides
  • iPad Apps for exhibition organizers including features such as floor plans with location finders, facilities finders, event schedules and diary booking systems
  • Exhibition Directory e-books


Appsphere Group is experienced in producing tourism-orientated applications using GPS location based technology. Whether you are a travel agent, tour operator or leisure destination, our understanding of the tourism industry teamed with our innovative, creative concepts can enable you to communicate directly and conveniently with your customers whilst they are on the move across the globe.



Appsphere Group benefits from in-house hospitality industry experience, with team members who have worked with some of South East Asia's leading major hotel chains. Such direct experience within our team enables us to truly understand the industry and its ever-increasing demands, and developments, helping us to provide you and your customers with the perfect mobile solutions.

Our mobile application hospitality portfolio includes:
  • Sales Presentation apps for iPad
  • Consumer Based Hotel Mobile Applications for iPhone and Android
  • Food and Wine Menu's on ipad
  • Conference and Wedding Planners on iPad
  • Concierge Application with local area guide
  • Customer Survey Application


Having worked with various international publishers creating mobile publishing platforms, Appsphere Group boasts extensive experience in working with the publishing industry, enabling us to understand your business first hand, and to create the perfect platform for your publishing business.

Our publishing portfolio includes:
  • E-books
  • E-magazine
  • Interactive children's books
  • Education textbooks
  • E-newspapers



From the very beginning, Appsphere Group has been supporting various enterprises with easy to use mobile applications that increase productivity and efficiency, boost in-house morale and presenting your business as a truly modern enterprise.

  • Inventory Control
  • Sales Tracking & Management
  • Coroporate Communication
  • Coroporate Training
  • Logistics Control


Mobile banking and stock trading have now been made possible by Appsphere Group's revolutionary finance solutions, making today's bustling financial market a breeze to keep track of and become a part of, through the stroke of your mobile screen, wherever you are in the world.

Our finance portfolio includes:
  • Banking
  • Stock Trading
  • Financial Management